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This painting is a tribute to the geniuses of art taking the Monalisa as the main figure, since the Monalisa is one of the most famous paintings around the world. This piece is a journey through the history of art contains more than 15 masterpieces of different artists and genres. The objective of this piece is that the viewer can enjoy their favorite paintings as if they were walking inside a museum and not only enjoy them but also own them. Masterpieces that throughout time continue to impress generations with their artistic quality. This piece is dedicated to the ability and human talent to create wonderful works of art. Limited edition fine art giclée on canvas available in the following sizes 24x32, 30x40 & 36x48. These are sold unframed or framed please inquire for options and pricing.

Master Pieces by Cristiam Ramos (Giclee on canvas)

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